• How do you develop new business?

    Do you wait by the booth for the right prospect to come along?

    ...or do you hope the right person will come into the bar and you'll "get" to buy them a drink?

    Instead, what if you could have 8-10 pre-arranged

    45-minute private meetings with actual prospects, behind a closed door?

  • Coming July 9-11, 2018: insideARM's 3rd Annual

    One-to-One Appointments Forum


    Small group atmosphere

    Participation is limited to approximately 25 buyers and 25 sellers. That's it. The group stays together throughout the Forum, producing incredibly high quality interaction.


    It's all about details

    All participants complete questionnaires; buyers & sellers rank each other based on fit. Schedules are carefully developed.


    No fluff

    Just 2 days of high quality structured appointments, arranged in accordance with mutual preferences, and kept on schedule.


    Now in its 3rd year

    Sellers have reported getting real, significant opportunities as a result of the One-to-One Forum; Creditors (buyers) have reported finding new partners with whom they were previously unfamiliar.

  • Dallas, Texas

    July 9-11, 2018

    Crowne Plaza Dallas Near Galleria

    Addison, Texas

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